The Psychosocial Readiness Evaluation and Preparation for Hepatitis C Treatment (PREP-C) is a free interactive online tool that enables you to provide a thorough assessment of a patient’s psychosocial readiness to begin Hepatitis C treatment, and make a treatment plan to improve treatment readiness.

This free online tool can be used by any type of professional involved in preparing a patient for Hepatitis C Treatment including medical providers, nurses, mental health, substance use, social work, pharmacy, case management, treatment adherence and health education specialists.

We invite you to learn more about the PREP-C in the About and Training sections. We hope that after doing so you will Register as a user and begin to use the PREP-C to help your patients prepare to start Hepatitis C treatment.


Prior Authorization for HCV Medication

Tue, Aug 30th 2016, 17:44

You may have come to this web site given that you have received documentation from an insurance company requesting that a treatment readiness assessment be done as a requirement for prior authorization for medication to treat hepatitis C.In most cases, the insurance company will give the choice between conducting the PREP-C assessment or using SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions – Drug & Alcohol Screening Tools. A link to these tools is provided in the Resources Section of the PrepC.org site under ‘Alcohol and Substance Use’ Resources.You do not have to register at this site to access these resources. 

The PREP-C assessment was developed to assess potential barriers to patients successfully adhering to and completing hepatitis C treatment. This information can be helpful to the medical provider allowing for necessary referrals and interventions prior to starting treatment (e.g., mental health treatment, treatment education) as well as guidance as to best equip the patient with needed tools during treatment (e.g., medication reminders). If your clinical impression is that the patient may have some barriers to adhering to and completing HCV treatment, administering the PREP-C can be of great value. If however, your clinical impression is that the patient does not have any barriers to treatment adherence or completion then the most efficient strategy tp meet the Prior Authorization requirement is to administer one of the SAMHSA-HRSA screening tools (e.g., CAGE-AID) which consists of only four questions. 

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  • The information you will enter to determine your patient’s readiness to begin Hepatitis C Treatment is secure and you do not need to enter your patient’s name or any other personal identification.

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What you can expect from the PREP-C

  • The online tool will provide feedback as to how to improve your patient’s readiness to begin Hepatitis C treatment based on the information you enter.
  • Your completed interviews will be stored in the Healthcare Provider Portal, which allow you to record a treatment plan and return to re-administer sections of the PREP-C at a later time.
  • You can print out a copy of your completed interviews from this web site to use for the patient’s medical record.